“Wedding Anniversary” skit from The Carol Burnett Show has an unexpected twist

On “The Carol Burnett Show,” Carol Burnett and Tim Conway played a married couple who went back to Mexico, where they had their wedding, to solve a problem. Even though they stayed there ten years ago, they still have the same room and still wonder how good it is.

They get into bed, kiss each other goodbye, and turn off the lights. Song yells, “Henry, Henry!” as her eyes get very big. Something just moved past me. Tim, who is playing the part of Henry, tells her that she is making it up.

When Tune asks him to turn on the light, he points to Carol’s feet and says, “It’s right there!” She yells and jumps up, and he tells her quickly that he was just kidding. In a fit of anger, she finally goes to bed.

Again, Tune loses it and yells that she almost stepped on the desk while she is sitting on it. Where? Henry asks as he looks around quickly. Henry tries to punch the monster when he realizes what it is.

He puts something on it, then says it is antiperspirant. He puts it in a cup and leaves it there when they get back to bed. Carol asks Henry to check if the cup is still there when he turns off the lights for the second time.

As Carol starts to cry again, the glass breaks and the lights come on. “Maybe it’s sending out anger, Henry!” she screams. There have been times when bugs have shown anger. She yells, “Don’t move!”

After she tells Henry that it’s on the back of his neck, she tells him to go outside. After he moves out of fear, she locks him out. After that, he tells her that he needs access, and she gives it to him. They go back to bed, but this time Henry is carrying a huge lizard on his back. Before Carol even sees, everyone in the room starts to laugh out loud. When Carol looks at it, she faints right away. The whole sketch is funny from start to finish.

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